Those born in the year of the sheep are thought to be a contented lot, happy with their creature comforts around them, wise and compassionate, especially gifted in the arts and reputedly tasteful. Charming, elegant and artistic, sheep are often envied for their success.

On the other hand, it’s also believed that sheep can be great worriers, often getting off on the wrong foot with people and having a generally pessimistic outlook on life. This often leaves sheep feeling puzzled and even timid but despite their tendency towards shyness, sheep often find themselves centre of attention.

Those born under the sign of the sheep frequently throw themselves passionately into what they do and what they believe in. Many sheep, as it happens, are deeply religious and spiritual. This doesn’t, however, curb their materialistic tendencies and they cling to their loved possessions tightly.

Financially, sheep are volatile but always manage to get by. Sheep never seem to worry about having the best in life as their abilities and artistic flare bring them the success they need in their chosen career.

Sheep look for partners who will make all the decisions for them. In love, a sheep needs a lot of pampering although they will not always return the favour. Commonly, sheep are attracted to generous partners who will give everything and expect nothing in return.

Those born under the sign of the sheep do not so much dream as imagine, appreciating the written word, peace and beauty. Sheep are gentle and caring, and are strongly family orientated and the Chinese think of them as the harbingers of peace. They are pacifists by nature unless fighting to end conflict.

Careers suited to Sheep are Acting, Gardening and Beach Combing.

Famous people born in the Year Of The Sheep:
Gene Hackman, Mikhail Gorbachev, Leonard Nimoy, Prunella Scales, John Major, and George Harrison.

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